Welcome. This website is devoted to the memory of my late mother Smt Kamala Thiagarajan who passed away in October 2008. She was a Senior radio artist for many years and performed in AIR in many cities including Chennai, Delhi and Trivandrum. Below are some of her AIR concerts carefully recorded and digitized by my father Sri R. Thiagarajan. ENJOY


Born in  Palamarneri,Tanjore district, she was the great grand daughter of Nemam Natesa bhagavathar, a disciple of Tyagaraja. She had her first lessons in music from her mother, Lakshmi who was a disciple of Wallajapet Venkataramana Bagavathar and in veena from Veerayya followed then from Devakottai Narayana Iyengar. She had the   privilege to attend the veena recitals of Veena Dhanammal in Linghi Chetti street, George town. She became a student of Sesha Iyengar, along with V.V.Satagopan. She had the guidance of many masters of music of her time, including Maharajapuram Viswanatha iyer, Kunnakkudi Venkatarama iyer, GNB, and MSS. Later in life she learnt music from Madurai Mani Iyer for over a year. In Calcutta she came under A. T. Kanan for over a couple of years in Hindustani music .She took a diploma in Indian music from the University of Madras under Vidwan Ponnaiya Pillai. She was a Senior artist on veena and broadcast programmes in  corporation of madras and then the All India radio in several cities for over 6 decades when she quit as an A grade artist. She gave concerts in Chennai including some under the auspices of Ial Isai Sangam of Tamilnadu in 1967and in Calcutta including Tansen Sangeet Sammelan. She lived in Myalpore for 60 years with her husband, Sri R. Thiagarajan, her mother and her sisters, Dr Ambujam and Sundari.

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AIR Concert 6
AIR Concert 12
AIR Concert 13
AIR Concert 18
AIR Concert 22
AIR Concert 23
AIR Concert 25
AIR Concert 31
AIR Concert 36
AIR Concert 47
AIR Concert 48
AIR Concert 56
Ved Bhavan Concert